Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (September 2023) Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide. The biggest amendment is for the changes to the licensing of Marketing and Customer Insights, and you can find the details of that on our blog here: https://bit.ly/3sEPkOq. Viva Sales is rebranded Sales Copilot, and there are some new Business Central Essentials Attach licences for Customer Service Enterprise, Sales Enterprise and Field Service Base licences, details of which you can find in the table on page 4.

Get this updated guide here: https://bit.ly/3PzAtOj.

Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights changes

Microsoft announce that from 1 September, 2023 Dynamics 365 Marketing and Customer Insights will be sold together as a single product called Customer Insights. The original products retain their existing functionality but are renamed Customer Insights – Journeys and Customer Insights – Data respectively. There’s no change for existing customers and they can choose to renew their separate licences until 31 August, 2024.

New customers will be able to choose an Attach licence at $1,000 per month if they have qualifying Dynamics licences, or a standalone licence costing $1,700 per month if they don’t. Both Customer Insights licences include capacity for 10,000 Interacted People (the new Marketing Contacts) and 100,000 Unified People (the new Customer Insights Profiles), with additional capacity packs for both Interacted People and Unified People being available in three tiers of pricing. You can find pricing information, qualifying licences, and definitions here: https://bit.ly/3YZifJb.

Find the announcement article here: https://bit.ly/44EerhE, with a useful general FAQ here: https://bit.ly/3PoqSJS, and one specific to transitioning to Customer Insights – Journeys here: https://bit.ly/3R6oKHW.

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (March 2022) Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide, with just minor changes made: updates to some of the security roles, and language changes to match the Product Terms for Customer Insights and Marketing Attach products.

You can find this updated guide here: https://bit.ly/3C9IuRO.

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (November 2021) Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide with three main changes.

Firstly, the initial capacity for a Customer Insights licence now includes 10,000 B2B Accounts, and there’s a new Add-on available for an additional 10,000 B2B Accounts.

Secondly, there’s a new app for the Customer Service module called Voice Channel which is licensed via a User SL for users already licensed with a Customer Service Enterprise licence – see our blog for more details: https://bit.ly/3HUKAra.

And finally, Basic and Standard Edge Scale Unit Add-in and Overage licences are available for  Supply Chain Management; this is a good place to learn about SCM Scale Units: https://bit.ly/3r4TrjI.

Find this latest Licensing Guide here: https://bit.ly/3D0adnq.

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (February 2021) Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide.

There are a couple of products removed (Customer Service Insights and the Virtual Agent for Customer Service) since they’re not available as standalone products any more, a name change (IoT Intelligence becomes Sensor Data Intelligence Add-in) and a couple of corrections.

Find the updated Licensing Guide here: https://bit.ly/3jdEgin, and refer to the Change Log on page 56 for detail on the changes.

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (January 2021) Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide.

Customer Insights customers are now entitled to Customer Voice capabilities (page 15), and there are other minor language changes and clarifications detailed in the Change Log on page 57.

Keep your Licensing Guide collection up to date by grabbing this new document here: https://bit.ly/38i3uIK.