Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (January 2020) Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide. The main change is an update for the recently announced Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service on page 18 – see our blog for more details: http://bit.ly/LSBlogD365VACS.

There’s also confirmation added on page 21 that Asset Management for up to 100 assets is included in the base Supply Chain Management capability. Find this guide here: http://bit.ly/D365LGJan2020.

Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service

Microsoft announce Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service. This offering combines Power Virtual Agents and Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights enabling organisations to create no-code chatbots having identified the most common support issues facing their customers. The announcement is here: http://bit.ly/2FFBDTp, and pricing at $1,100 per tenant per month is confirmed on the product page here: http://bit.ly/2RdCArs.

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (July 2019) Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide with two main changes. Firstly, the addition of the Customer Service Chat Add-on – a User SL which is added on to the Customer Service Enterprise User SL to help agents engage in real-time with customers to resolve issues faster. And secondly, the addition of Forms Pro – a product that enables organisations to collect feedback from customers and employees and to gain actionable insights from the results. It’s licensed per tenant and many Dynamics 365 licences include 2,000 survey responses per month. Check out our blog post for the full Forms Pro licensing story: http://bit.ly/2Sgaqwb.

Find this Licensing Guide here: http://bit.ly/MSLicensingGuides.