CRM Online Licensing and Pricing Guide (July 2016)

There’s an updated (July 2016) CRM Online Licensing and Pricing Guide. The main addition is the CRM Online Project Service Automation Add-On USL (page 12) which provides users with capabilities for setting up a project organisation, engaging with customers, and managing and closing projects. Naturally, as an Add-On, this licence requires users to first be licensed with a CRM Online Basic USL or higher.

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CRM Online Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (May 2016) CRM Online Licensing Guide with three main changes.

First of all, Mobile Offline is added (page 16): this gives offline views and offline search and is licensed as part of the CRM Online Professional USL as long as you have at least 5 of these USLs.

Then on page 12 there’s the Field Service Add-on: an Add-on USL for users licensed with at least a CRM Online Basic USL who will engage in Field Service activities.

And finally, on page 20 there are some new licences for organisations that want to extend their CRM solutions to cloud hosted web portals. There’s a Portal Add-on USL for any user with an existing CRM Online USL, and then the option to purchase additional page views (500,000 per month) if required.

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CRM Online Licensing Guide (Feb 2016)

There’s an updated (February 2016) CRM Online Licensing Guide.

There are some additions for working with Dynamics AX: users licensed with a Dynamics AX Enterprise USL have the right to read CRM Online application data (page 6), and users licensed with a CRM Online Professional or Enterprise USL may read AX application data (page 8).

There’s also a new Voice of the Customer section (page 13) explaining what this functionality provides, as well as the CRM Online USLs required to use different parts of it.

Finally, there’s clarity added to the Add-ons section stating which USLs are eligible to have Add-ons added on.

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CRM Online Licensing Guide

The CRM 2016 refresh happened at the end of November 2015 and that means that we have a new December 2015 Licensing Guide for CRM Online. Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • Inclusion of the new Employee Self-Service USL: this is the fifth CRM Online USL with the lowest level of access, aimed at users who need to do basic tasks such as read Knowledgebase articles and submit cases (page 8)
  • Inclusion of the CRM Online Professional Add-on to Office 365: this offers access to the CRM Online Professional set of capabilities for users who are already licensed with Office 365 E3, E4, E5, Business Premium or ECS (page 8). There’s also a “For SA” flavour of the Add-on for users who have the on-premises CRM Professional CAL with SA (page 26)
  • Removal of EA transitions for customers with on-premises CRM licences: the recommendation is now to purchase the relevant For SA Add-on (page 27)
  • Inclusion of Mobile Marketing: this new capability enables organisations to deliver marketing messages to their customers via SMS and is licensed through an Add-on to CRM Online Enterprise or Dynamics Marketing Enterprise (pages 11 and 17)
  • Inclusion of Interactive Service Hub: this facility is aimed at users in customer service roles helping them to pull together all customer interactions, and access is included in the CRM Online Basic and higher USLs and CRM Server 2016 Basic and Professional CALs (page12)
  • There’s also a note about the recent acquisitions of FieldOne, Adxstudio, and Fantasy Sales Team (FST) and the fact that their capabilities are not available through Volume Licensing agreements at the moment (page 12)


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Extension to Microsoft Cloud Data Centres in Europe

Microsoft announce plans to deliver commercial cloud services from data centres in multiple cities within the UK, with Azure and Office 365 available in late 2016 and Dynamics CRM Online shortly afterwards.

The Microsoft Cloud will also be available in Germany during the second half of 2016 where access to customer data will be controlled by a Data Trustee under German Law.

See the announcement here:

Additions to CRM Online Licences

Microsoft announce new ways for customers to acquire Office 365, Power BI and CRM Online.

Firstly, there will be a CRM Online Professional Add-on to Office 365 E3, E5 and Business Premium, which will cost $50 per user per month.

Then we can also expect to see a new, low-cost Employee Self-Service licence for CRM Online.

You can find the announcement, along with information on the new features of CRM 2016, here:

CRM 2015 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated CRM Server 2015 Licensing Guide for October 2015 with three sections added.

The first is on Licence Mobility with confirmation (as usual) that you need SA on CALs as well as the Server licences to use VL licences on a partner-hosted infrastructure or Azure.

The second section is Azure-specific and states that CRM Online users may also access CRM Server running on Azure.

And finally there’s an Additional Software section which explains that a Marketing Connector and Reporting Extensions are provided as part of a CRM Server licensed solution.

We’ve put all the Microsoft Licensing Guides here:

CRM Pricing and Licensing Updates

Updates on CRM pricing and licensing: promotional pricing for buying CRM Online Professional, Office 365 E3 and PowerBI together is extended until the end of September 2015, after that CRM Online Professional will be available at a discount for Office 365 customers, and CRM Server 2015 is now certified for deployment on Azure if you have Software Assurance.

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Licensing Changes for CRM Online Spring 2015 Release

Microsoft announce the general availability of the Spring 2015 release of the CRM Online family. There are no changes to the licences that are available for CRM Online, Dynamics Marketing, Social Engagement, and Parature but there ARE changes to what the licences give access to.

The detail on these changes is here: and this is a good overview of the new features themselves: