Licensing School ONLINE: Latest Courses

Back in November 2015 we announced Licensing School ONLINE where we wanted to run proper training courses online. I say “proper” – our goal was to not just offer you presentations, but rather to run fully interactive training sessions that keep you engaged and interested, and end up being a great learning experience.

We started with our SAM MCP preparation course and the feedback was spontaneously fabulous with attendees giving rave reviews. So, we’ve extended our range of courses to include “Buying and Licensing Azure Services” and an online 74-678 Exam Preparation course. Let me explain how this second one will work!

If you do this course with us in-person then it’s an intensive (and fun!) full day, but we wanted a different approach for an online session. So we’ve split the content into three 2-hour sessions and we’ll be running those sessions at different times. There’s “Microsoft Products and their Licensing”, “The Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs” and “SA, Tools, and Exam Tips”. You can attend whichever sessions you want to – they all stand alone, but you’ll get a discount if you sign up for all 3, of course. The first sessions run in early February 2016 – you can find out the exact dates and times below. Costs are £55/$79 per person per session or £125/$189 for all 3 – simply use the discount code ALLMODULES when you book on the SA session and you’ll be charged just £15/$22 for this module.


We’ve got further dates for the SAM MCP 70-673 Exam Preparation course too. This is a 2.5 hour session where you’ll receive a workbook to download and complete, as well as 14 days of unlimited support from the trainer via email to assist you with your exam preparation. The next dates are 21 and 22 January 2016 and it’s £65/$99 per person. Register here:


And our third online offering is “Buying and Licensing Azure Services” where we’ll teach you everything you need to know about how these slightly mysterious services are licensed and then acquired through the various licensing programs – all of them being slightly different of course! This is a one hour session and the next dates are at the end of January costing £25/$39 per person. Register here:


There will, of course, be further sessions available in the near future. If you’ve got a tricky topic you think would make a good session then email us at and we’ll add it to our list!

Understanding Online Proctored Exams

The 74-678 Microsoft Licensing exam can be taken as an online proctored exam which means that you don’t have to wend your weary way to a test centre.

If you want to check that this method of taking the exam would work for you, then this presentation from the Microsoft Learning team will probably answer all of your questions:

The 74-678 Exam

If you want to demonstrate competence in Microsoft licensing then the “Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Large Organizations” is a great exam to have under your belt. Microsoft have a range of certification exams and this one is the one aimed at people who work in the licensing industry.

The syllabus is published here ( and you’ll see that you need knowledge of three key areas: how the individual products are licensed, the programs through which you can purchase them, and the whole range of Software Assurance benefits.

There are a number of ways that you can prepare for the exam. Many people find face to face training the most useful and we’ve got a great one day course. You can find the agenda ( and book on a public course running in the UK for just £175 in dates in September through December 2015. Alternatively, many organisations book a dedicated course on their own site. Note if you book on a public course in August or September you get a free Exam Voucher included.

When you attend one of our courses you get a printed copy of our Exam Preparation Guide which has good explanations, clear diagrams and hundreds of revision questions to support your learning. Many people prepare for the exam with just this guide and it’s available on Amazon in both the printed form and as a Kindle book. You can find it, along with the great reviews, at this location: Thank you reviewers!

Towards the end of your preparation it’s useful to make sure that you’re on track in terms of applying your knowledge in the exam – sometimes people feel that they know their stuff but they’re not sure whether they’ll be able to answer the exam questions correctly. We’ve got a Sample Exam to help out here: the real exam has 40-odd general licensing questions followed by a scenario where you have to read all about a fictional company and then answer ten or so questions. Our Sample Exam mirrors this exactly and you can find this exam here:

When you come to take the exam you’ve got some options: you can either go to a Testing Centre, or opt to take it in the comfort of your own home or office using the new Online Proctored option. If you’re interested in this new approach, this is where you’ll find more information:

And finally, there’s some good news if things don’t quite go to plan: between 12 July 2015 and 12 January 2016 if you don’t pass the exam at the first attempt, then you get a free retake. This initiative is called “Second Shot” and you can find full details at this link:

Wider Availability of Online Proctored Exams

The list of countries where online proctored exams are available is extended with (among others) the UK, Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands joining the ranks.

This means that you can take your Volume Licensing MCP exam (74-678) in the comfort of your home/office monitored by someone offsite. Find full details here:

Exams 70-671 and 70-672 are no longer available

RIP 70-671 and 70-672. It’s official – these Volume Licensing exams are no longer available as of 31 January 2015. The replacement is the 74-678 exam – “Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Large Organizations”.

If you want to find out more about this new exam or access some resources to help you to prepare to pass it, then everything you need is right here: