Azure StorSimple in CSP

Azure StorSimple became available through CSP in February 2017.

A reminder of what StorSimple is: a hybrid storage solution which can be deployed as a physical device or a virtual appliance, where active data is stored on-premises and cool data is pushed to the cloud.

It’s currently just the StorSimple Virtual Array that’s available through CSP and there’s an excellent article from Microsoft that explains all:

If you’ve got a particular question you may find your answer in the useful FAQ here:

Azure Hybrid Use Benefit

The Azure Hybrid Use Benefit lets you use your Windows Server licences with active SA to license Windows Server within an Azure VM – but how do you know that a VM is configured to make use of this benefit? It’s a question we get a lot and the answer is (of course) PowerShell – you can find a useful article here:

April 2017 Volume Licensing Newsletter

The April 2017 Microsoft Volume Licensing Newsletter is out. Its main focus is Premium Assurance – the ability to add six extra years of product support to Windows Server and/or SQL Server.

So, if you want to find out more about Premium Assurance or access useful resources, read and subscribe to this free newsletter here:

Downgrade Rights Volume Licensing Brief

There’s an updated (March 2017) Downgrade Rights Volume Licensing Brief from Microsoft. The main update is for Windows Server 2016 with useful tables showing downgrade and down edition rights with the all important reminder of which use rights govern a deployment.

Find this updated Volume Licensing Brief in our Licensing Guides emporium – in the Desktop or Core Infrastructure section:

Multi-Year Duration Options retired in the MPSA

Microsoft announce the retirement of multi-year duration options for Online Services purchased through the MPSA.

This means that customers purchasing new licences for Online Services will pay upfront for a maximum of 12 months.

Existing customers aren’t affected if they already have multi-year subscriptions in place.

Find the announcement here:

Updated Premium Assurance Datasheet

There’s an updated (March 2017) Premium Assurance datasheet from Microsoft. Premium Assurance allows you to add 6 more years of product support to SQL or Windows Server licences with active SA.

There’s a phased pricing model – the later you purchase Premium Assurance, the more expensive it is. The main adjustment to this datasheet is the inclusion of a TCO example showing that if you want to maintain product support for Windows Server until December 2026 it’s actually more cost effective to start paying in March 2017 rather than March 2020.

Find it here:

Azure Hybrid Use Benefit FAQ

There’s a new (April 2017) Azure Hybrid Use Benefit FAQ from Microsoft. It’s a jolly useful document with information on the three ways to use the benefit, the different Marketplace gallery images that are available, and a host of other interesting questions.

Find it in the Core Infrastructure section of our Licensing Guides emporium:

Office 365 K1 Plan Updates

Microsoft announce some additions to the components of the Office 365 K1 plan. In the coming weeks K1 users can expect to get access to this new set of capabilities: Microsoft StaffHub, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business presence and instant messaging, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Video, Microsoft PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow.

Find the announcement here: