SCE Guide

There’s an updated (October 2016) Server and Cloud Enrolment Program Guide which includes two useful amendments. Firstly it’s updated for the release of Windows Server/System Center 2016 which changes the minimum for the Core Infrastructure Server Suites to 400 Core licences. Then there are some updates to the rules around acquiring Azure through an SCE: first of all the 5% discount that was available until October has been removed, and secondly the minimum Monetary Commitment when Azure is the only component is now 10 units per month.

Find this guide here:

BizTalk Server 2016 Generally Available

Microsoft announce that BizTalk Server 2016 is generally available (

The December 2016 Product Terms document is updated too with the only change to the licensing being the removal of the Core Factor in calculating the required number of Core licences (just use a minimum of 4 per processor).

BizTalk Server 2016 Developer Edition is also available – it’s a free product that’s available on the MSDN download page – see the details here:

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is no longer available for new customers to purchase from 1 November 2016, and Microsoft confirm that there will be a new marketing app as part of the Dynamics 365 Business edition sometime in 2017.

If you’re an existing Dynamics Marketing customer then this site is worth checking out to see how your renewal options work: The bottom line – Dynamics Marketing is supported until 31 October 2020.

Dynamics 365 On-premises

The December 2016 Product Terms is updated for Dynamics 365 On-premises where we can see that it replaces the CRM Server 2016 licences with simply user or device CALs for Team Members, Customer Service or Sales functionality.

External users need CALs too but there’s no requirement for Server licences at all. Users licensed for Dynamics 365 Online get equivalent access through dual access rights as you might expect.

Find the details on page 17-19 of the December 2016 Product Terms.

Secure Productive Enterprise Licensing Resources

Secure Productive Enterprise was launched on 1 October 2016 and is the successor to the Enterprise Cloud Suite. Now there are some useful new Microsoft resources available: there’s a Licensing Guide which gives an overview of the licences available, considers 6 customer scenarios, and has a couple of pages of FAQs. Then there’s an “At a Glance” document and “Overview and FAQ” if you just want to know the headlines.

As usual, find these resources with all their Licensing Guide friends at

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guides

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was released on 1 November 2016. It’s a single online service replacing CRM Online and AX Online and it’s all change for the licensing.

There are two editions: Business and Enterprise, and you can find excellent Microsoft Licensing Guides giving the low-down on all the new licence types here: