Confused about how to license OMS in CSP? (That’s the Operations Management + Security Suite in the Cloud Solution Provider program if you’re already confused!) There’s a useful new Microsoft article that explains all. Essentially, the OMS services are available through CSP but the SKUs aren’t – so you can buy the individual components of OMS E2, but not E2 itself with the associated discount. It’s also worth noting that you don’t get rights to System Center if you buy through CSP either.

Get the full story and some deployment examples here:

Azure Hybrid Use Benefit

If you have Windows Server licences with Software Assurance then you have the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit. This means that you can choose to use your licences to license the Windows Server part of an Azure virtual machine and so just pay for the compute cost of the VM.

If you have an EA you can deploy VMs from specific Marketplace images that are pre-configured with the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit. Without an EA you can upload a custom VM and deploy using a Resource Manager template or Azure PowerShell.

This article explains all and has some useful illustrations

Visual Studio Subscription Management Resources

Do you manage the formerly-known-as-MSDN Subscriptions for your organisation? You may know that they’re now known as Visual Studio Subscriptions and there’s change afoot for the management portal.

Find an FAQ detailing what’s happening, as well as administration guides for the current VLSC and MPSA portals here:

February 2017 Product Terms and OST Changes

There are VDA per User Add-on SLs added to the February 2017 Product Terms document. These are designed to be added on to VDA Device SLs and follow the same rules as the Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5 Add-ons. See pages 38 and 42-43 of this document.

The February 2017 Online Services Terms document adds some clarity around Dynamics 365 licensing. Firstly, external users don’t need an SL if they’re using the Operations service, but if they’re using Dynamics 365 clients to access the other services then they do. And secondly, it’s confirmed that if you’re licensed for Dynamics 365 Business edition then you don’t have the right to install and use Dynamics 365 on-premises server software. See page 3.

Microsoft Hosting and CSP Newsletter

The January 2017 Hosting and Cloud Service Provider Newsletter is out. There’s just one item of licensing interest:

the License Mobility through SA Verification form has been updated so that customers can now email completed forms to Microsoft.

Download the latest version of the form here ( – look for “License Verification” as the document type.

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Windows 10 CBB Support

With Windows 10 we saw the introduction of branches controlling how frequently you want to receive feature updates. The Current Branch for Business allows you to defer updates but only two CBB versions are supported at any time so you do have to install the updates at some point. Microsoft announce that the latest CBB build (1607) is available in the VLSC on 26 January, 2017 and thus the grace period for the original CBB build (1507) begins and it will no longer be serviced after May 2017.

Read the announcement here: