Power Platform Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (April 2024) Power Platform Licensing Guide with a couple of changes.

Firstly, it’s updated for the new Finance Premium and Supply Chain Management licences – both licensed per user per month at $300.

Then there are some wording changes which make it sound like there are some new licences… Previously, use rights for Power Apps/Automate included in some Microsoft 365/Office 365 licences were called just that – “included use rights”. Now, the set of Power Apps rights included in Microsoft 365/Office 365 licences is called Power Apps Basic (see page 11), and likewise for Power Automate Basic (page 17).

Get the updated guide here: https://bit.ly/4aJbQ9m.

RPA Licensing Brief

Microsoft launched their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capability in April, 2020. As a reminder, RPA helps users to automate tasks by recording actions to be played back later, either with human interaction (known as “attended”) or without (“unattended”). if you want to find out more about this capability, then there’s a new (April 2020) Licensing Brief which directs you to RPA documentation and resources, and includes a number of FAQs with a full section dedicated to licensing and pricing questions.

Find this Licensing Brief here: https://bit.ly/RPVPowAutApr2020

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (December 2019) Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide. It includes confirmation that users licensed with Sales Professional may use Marketing Campaigns and Lists, and that while users with Team Members licences have access to the Dynamics 365 Mobile app, they don’t have access to offline capabilities. And finally, the Power Platform family completes its round of name changes with PowerApps going to Power Apps, and Flow to Power Automate.

Find the updated guide here: http://bit.ly/D365LGDec2019.

PowerApps and Power Automate Licensing FAQs

If you’re interested in the licensing of PowerApps and Power Automate then you may find this page of licensing FAQs useful. It covers a diverse range of topics including trial licences, the Common Data Service, Add-ons, Portals, and AI Builder. Find it here: http://bit.ly/32U9ocP.

PowerApps and Flow Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (November 2019) PowerApps and Flow Licensing Guide. There are only small changes to this guide since the main changes to PowerApps and Flow licensing happened in October 2019. Find the changes detailed in the Change Log on page 21, and note that this guide isn’t yet updated for the renaming of Flow to Power Automate. Get this latest guide here: http://bit.ly/PowAppLGNov2019.

Power Platform Updates

Microsoft announce some changes to the Power Platform of which the most notable enhancements are: Microsoft Flow is renamed to Microsoft Power Automate, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is added for delivering an end-to-end automation solution, and Microsoft Power Virtual Agents are added to allow intelligent AI-powered virtual agents to be created and deployed. Find the full announcement here: http://bit.ly/2NWKFQT.