Cost Management now available for Indirect EA customers

Microsoft announce that Indirect EA customers can now manage their billing account directly in the Azure Management Portal, and that comparable features will no longer be available in the EA portal starting 20 February, 2023. Find the announcement article with links to useful documentation and how-to videos here:

Azure Cost Management update

Microsoft announce that Azure Cost Management is now Microsoft Cost Management due to recent expansions in its capabilities.

In October it started covering Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform offers when acquired through the Microsoft Customer Agreement, and in January lightweight cost management capabilities were added to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

Find the announcement here:

Azure Cost Management and the EA

If you’ve got an EA and you use Azure then you’ve managed Enrolments, Accounts, Departments and Subscriptions in the EA Enterprise Portal ( There are better facilities for Azure Cost Management in the Azure Management Portal ( and there’s a new set of videos to explain how you’d manage these elements as you move over to this portal.

Find them here: Managing Enrolments (, Managing Accounts (, Managing Departments (, and Managing Subscriptions (

Azure Cost Management available for Azure Government customers

Microsoft announce that Azure Cost Management capabilities are now available for Azure Government customers buying through

Find out more about Azure for government (US federal agencies, state and local governments) here:, and the Azure Cost Management announcement here:

15 ways to optimise your Azure costs

There are lots of different ways to optimise costs in Azure, but this list is great to remind you of the basics (Reservations, Azure Hybrid Benefit etc) as well as newer options specific to running SQL in Azure, or using Azure Backup solutions.

Find the full list here:

Azure Cost Management course for Microsoft partners

There’s a new Azure Cost Management course for Microsoft partners available on Microsoft Learn, the free online training platform. Topics covered include cost management scopes, bill reconciliation, Partner Earned Credit, enabling cost management for customers, and setting budgets and alerts.

Find this course here:

AWS connector for Azure Cost Management now available

Microsoft announce that an AWS connector for Azure Cost Management is available from 1 September, 2020 for all customers.

This connector enables customers to analyse their Azure and AWS spend from a single pane of glass in the Azure Management Portal. There’s no cost for the connector for the first 90 days, and thereafter Cost Management for AWS is charged at 1% of the total AWS managed spend.

Find the announcement here:, along with instructions for setting up and using the connector.

Azure Cost Management – June 2020 update

Azure Cost Management is constantly evolving to help customers better understand where they’re accruing costs in the cloud, to identify and prevent bad spending patterns, and to optimise costs.

Updates to the tools for June 2020 include more flexibility for budget notifications, the ability to subscribe to active cost recommendations with Advisor digests, and improvements in the transfer of Subscription ownership. There are also some new ways to save money with Azure, as well as some new videos to learn more about Azure Cost Management.

Find the detail on all of these enhancements in the Azure Cost Management June 2020 update here: