Azure Hybrid Use Benefit

If you have Windows Server licences with Software Assurance then you have the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit. This means that you can choose to use your licences to license the Windows Server part of an Azure virtual machine and so just pay for the compute cost of the VM.

If you have an EA you can deploy VMs from specific Marketplace images that are pre-configured with the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit. Without an EA you can upload a custom VM and deploy using a Resource Manager template or Azure PowerShell.

This article explains all and has some useful illustrations

Windows, EMS and ECS Name Changes

It’s all change! Firstly, Microsoft announce that Windows 10 Enterprise will be renamed to Windows 10 Enterprise E3, and that Windows 10 Enterprise E5 will be introduced which includes Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

Then, Enterprise Mobility Suite will be renamed Enterprise Mobility + Security and, again, there will be E3 and E5 flavours of this.

There’s a good diagram here ( which shows you the components of both of these editions.

And finally, the Enterprise Cloud Suite will be called Secure Productive Enterprise E3/E5 containing the relevant Office 365, EM+S and Windows 10 Enterprise plans.

Find the Microsoft announcement here:

OMS Datasheet


There’s a new (July 2016) Operations Management Suite Pricing and Licensing Datasheet which has full details about the new OMS Subscription. Previously, OMS was only available as an Add-on to existing System Center licences with SA, but the OMS Subscription gives you access to all the Azure services of OMS as well as all of the System Center components for use with 1 virtual machine.

Find the Datasheet in the Core Infrastructure section of our Licensing Guides store:

MPSA: Enterprise Advantage

Microsoft announce that “Enterprise Advantage” will be added to the MPSA in 2017.

Today, the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) allows customers with 250 PCs+ to purchase traditional licences, with or without Software Assurance, and Online Services on a transactional basis.

Enterprise Advantage will add a way for customers to purchase on a committed basis with similar requirements to the existing Enterprise Agreement. This, of course, is significant since 1 July marked the change of the minimum requirements for the EA from 250 to 500 users/devices.

Find the Microsoft announcement here:

EES Volume Licensing Guide

There’s a new (May 2016) Enrolment for Education Solutions Volume Licensing Guide. However, don’t be misled by the title – it’s not just the EES signed under CASA that’s covered, but also the Open Value Subscription – Education Solutions (OVS-ES) agreement.

It’s a comprehensive 27 pages of education licensing loveliness and has useful sections (among others) on Platform Online Services, the Student Use Benefit, the Server Platform option, and the Student option.

Find this guide in the Volume Licensing Programs section of our Licensing Guides store:

PSTN Calling FAQ

There’s a jolly useful FAQ on PSTN Calling which you might like to add to your list of interesting things to look at.

First, a reminder of what PSTN Calling is: the add-on telephone service that, when combined with Skype for Business Cloud PBX, can become your phone system. The FAQ covers what licences you’ll need as well as interesting issues such as how calls are charged if you travel to another country. The answer? If a user whose Office 365 licence is assigned in the US travels to London, any calls they make back to the US are considered domestic calls.

Find the FAQ here: