Microsoft 365 E3 – Unattended Licensing Brief

There’s an updated (June 2022) Microsoft 365 E3 – Unattended Licensing Brief. This document helps you to understand how the Microsoft 365 E3 – Unattended licence allows a bot to run repetitive tasks in a Windows client/Office app without user intervention, with a useful FAQ section at the end.

This updated version has minor changes updating it for Windows 11, and you can find it here:

Windows 11

Microsoft announce that Windows 11 will start to become available on 5 October, 2021, and that it is now available in preview on Azure Virtual Desktop.

Find the availability announcement with 11 highlights of Windows 11 here:, and information on the different Windows 11 images available for AVD here:

Windows 11

Microsoft announce Windows 11, available later in 2021. There aren’t any licensing implications – if your PC will support Windows 11 then it’s a free upgrade. However, there are changes to the servicing and support schedules.

Security updates remain on a monthly cadence, but feature updates will be delivered just once a year in the second half of the year. In terms of support, Home and Pro editions will receive 24 months of support from the General Availability date, and Enterprise edition will be supported for 36 months.

Find the announcement here:, and servicing and support information here: