Microsoft 365 Business plan comparison document

There’s an updated (March 2023) version of the Microsoft 365 Business plan comparison document showing you the different components available in the three Microsoft 365 Business plans, as well as a comparison with Teams Essentials. Find this document here:

Intune Plan 2 and Intune Suite

In October 2022 Microsoft announced that Intune would become a family name (rather than just a product) and that there would be a new suite. These changes are now effective from 1 March, 2023. The original Intune User SL is renamed to Intune Plan 1 and then there’s the option of adding on either Intune Plan 2 or the Intune Suite dependent on how much additional functionality you need. Price-wise, Intune Plan 1 is $8 per user per month with Plan 2 and the Suite $4 and $10 respectively. Note if you have an existing licence which includes the original Intune, then adding on either Plan 2 or the Suite is also an option. Find the announcement article (with information on features) here:, and check out the license prerequisites in the Product Terms here:

Licensing Brief for virtual desktops

There’s an updated (March 2023) Licensing Brief to explain the options for virtualising Windows 11 and remotely accessing it. Changes include the addition of Windows 365 and the Flexible Virtualization Benefit. Overall, it’s a good summary of the licences you need for each of the different virtualisation options, and you can find this updated Licensing Brief here:

Yammer and Viva Engage

Microsoft announce that in the coming year Yammer will become Viva Engage and the Yammer brand will retire. The change coming first, in March 2023, is the updating of the Communities app for Outlook and the Yammer mobile apps for iOS and Android to the new Viva Engage app. There are no changes to pricing or capabilities available to existing customers. Find the announcement here: