Microsoft Intune Suite components

Microsoft add three more components of the Intune Suite to the February and March 2024 Product Terms site ( They’re also available as Add-ons to Intune Plan 1 as a User Subscription Licence: Advanced Analytics ($5/month), Enterprise Application Management ($2/per month) and Microsoft Cloud PKI ($2/month).

Find the announcement here:, and pricing and product information here:

Microsoft 365 plan comparison document

There’s an April 2023 version of the popular Microsoft 365 plan comparison document showing you the different components in all of the Enterprise and Frontline Worker plans and the Add-on licences that are available. This time it’s updated for new offerings such as Intune Plan 2 and the Intune Suite. Find this useful document here:

Intune Plan 2 and Intune Suite

In October 2022 Microsoft announced that Intune would become a family name (rather than just a product) and that there would be a new suite. These changes are now effective from 1 March, 2023. The original Intune User SL is renamed to Intune Plan 1 and then there’s the option of adding on either Intune Plan 2 or the Intune Suite dependent on how much additional functionality you need. Price-wise, Intune Plan 1 is $8 per user per month with Plan 2 and the Suite $4 and $10 respectively. Note if you have an existing licence which includes the original Intune, then adding on either Plan 2 or the Suite is also an option. Find the announcement article (with information on features) here:, and check out the license prerequisites in the Product Terms here: