Microsoft Intune Suite components

Microsoft add three more components of the Intune Suite to the February and March 2024 Product Terms site ( They’re also available as Add-ons to Intune Plan 1 as a User Subscription Licence: Advanced Analytics ($5/month), Enterprise Application Management ($2/per month) and Microsoft Cloud PKI ($2/month).

Find the announcement here:, and pricing and product information here:

Intune Plan 2 and Intune Suite

In October 2022 Microsoft announced that Intune would become a family name (rather than just a product) and that there would be a new suite. These changes are now effective from 1 March, 2023. The original Intune User SL is renamed to Intune Plan 1 and then there’s the option of adding on either Intune Plan 2 or the Intune Suite dependent on how much additional functionality you need. Price-wise, Intune Plan 1 is $8 per user per month with Plan 2 and the Suite $4 and $10 respectively. Note if you have an existing licence which includes the original Intune, then adding on either Plan 2 or the Suite is also an option. Find the announcement article (with information on features) here:, and check out the license prerequisites in the Product Terms here: