SQL Server 2022 is generally available

Microsoft announce that SQL Server 2022 is generally available. Volume Licensing customers can download it immediately, and customers purchasing via CSP, OEM, and SPLA will be able to begin purchasing SQL Server 2022 in January 2023. This announcement article (http://bit.ly/3GmU8ww) gives lots of detail on the new features, as well as introducing a new PAYG purchasing model for SQL Server. The new licensing model is enabled by Azure Arc, and allows customers using either Standard or Enterprise edition to pay only when they use SQL Server.

Find out more about how it all works in this article: http://bit.ly/3Arq2UP.

Volume Licensing for Government brochure

If you want an overview of the Volume Licensing agreements available for government customers then you may find this new overview brochure useful.

It covers the agreements available for all sizes of government customers and is up-to-date with changes such as the retirement of the Open License Program announced recently.

Find this brochure here: https://bit.ly/3p5mlN0.

Windows 10 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (April 2019) Windows 10 Licensing Guide.

The only major change from the February 2019 version is the table on page 18 which is updated for the new names of the product editions and their availability through the different Volume Licensing programs.

Find this updated guide here: http://bit.ly/MSLicensingGuides.

Microsoft Imagine Guide

The Microsoft Imagine program gives students access to developer tools at no cost. If you want an overview of the available subscriptions and how to enrol, renew or access a subscription, then there’s a “Microsoft Imagine Guide for Academic Volume Licensing Customers” which could be useful.

Find it in the Volume Licensing Programs section of our Licensing Guides emporium: http://bit.ly/MSLicensingGuides.

April 2017 Volume Licensing Newsletter

The April 2017 Microsoft Volume Licensing Newsletter is out. Its main focus is Premium Assurance – the ability to add six extra years of product support to Windows Server and/or SQL Server.

So, if you want to find out more about Premium Assurance or access useful resources, read and subscribe to this free newsletter here: http://bit.ly/2omKXBm.

MVLC becomes MBC

When the MPSA was launched, a new portal replaced VLSC – the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center, or MVLC. This portal will be undergoing an upgrade very soon and will be known as the Microsoft Business Center. Don’t worry – it’s not a new portal so much as a layer over the existing portal surfacing summary information more easily.

If you’re in the US, Canada or Japan you’re probably already using this portal, and the rest of the world will soon have access.

If you want to get an overview of the new look and feel then this video is worth a look: http://bit.ly/1WqXK2w.

Microsoft retires the Volume Licensing and SAM Competencies

Well, this has given us all something to talk about here at Licensing Towers!

Microsoft have announced a series of changes to their partner program and, as part of this, they are retiring a number of competencies – including those for Volume Licensing and Software Asset Management (SAM).

If you’re a current partner, wondering what this means for you and your business, Microsoft have produced an FAQ document which has some very relevant questions and can be downloaded here (http://bit.ly/1NnZi67).

Although the competencies are being retired, there are two things that Microsoft make clear:

1)      Continued Volume Licensing certification will still be a requirement for Distributor and LSP partners

2)      SAM is still very much a focus for Microsoft and they will continue to work with partners on this

A question you will most likely hear around the business over the next few days will be:

“Are the competencies still worthwhile?”

and here at Licensing School, we feel there is still definite value to renewing/attaining these competencies, for a number of reasons.

Many customers understand the effort that goes into attaining a Microsoft competency and having MCP accredited staff members will still show them your dedication, focus and expertise. Additionally, the last date a partner can be active in one of these competencies is 30 January, 2018 so there are still almost two years until they are removed from the Partner Membership Center.

There are some deadlines to be aware of:

  • Current VL and SAM partners are able to renew these competencies by their next anniversary or 30 October, 2016 whichever comes first.
  • If you are currently working towards attaining one or both of these competencies, you need to sign up by 30 July, 2016.

If you’re now slightly concerned about how you, your team and/or your colleagues can learn the material and pass the exams in the next in the next couple of months – don’t worry, our range of exam prep materials will give you the best possible chance of attaining these certifications in the timeframe Microsoft have set!

For Volume Licensing, we have a range of resources and courses including our popular exam preparation guide “Lessons in Licensing – Microsoft 74-678: Exam Preparation Guide”, which can be found here (http://bit.ly/1NnZp1x).

For SAM, we are running a Licensing School Online 70-673 Exam Prep Course on 4 May, 2016. Register here http://bit.ly/1RzX7S9T using voucher code 70-673-35B and get the promo price of £65 + VAT.

To read more, and to see other impacted competencies, head over to the Microsoft MPN Evolution page here (http://bit.ly/1S6fLy1).