June 2020 Product Terms updates for Dynamics 365

There’s extra information added for Dynamics 365 on pages 65/66 in the June 2020 Product Terms document. First of all there’s a new Dual Use Rights table detailing the rights of Dynamics 365 SLs to access on-premises servers, and then there are a couple of tables which specify the purchasing minimums for academic and commercial programs.

Download the latest Product Terms document here: http://bit.ly/MSproductterms.

Authorized Education Partner program update

Microsoft announce that from 1 October, 2019 the requirement for a partner to be certified as part of the Authorized Education Partner program to sell Academic licences to education customers is now ONLY a requirement in China. All partners are still required to confirm education customer eligibility before transacting Academic licences, using the Microsoft Qualified Education Users document. Find details and links here: http://bit.ly/2Ov2hDl.