MVLC becomes MBC

When the MPSA was launched, a new portal replaced VLSC – the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center, or MVLC. This portal will be undergoing an upgrade very soon and will be known as the Microsoft Business Center. Don’t worry – it’s not a new portal so much as a layer over the existing portal surfacing summary information more easily.

If you’re in the US, Canada or Japan you’re probably already using this portal, and the rest of the world will soon have access.

If you want to get an overview of the new look and feel then this video is worth a look:

Licence Reservation FAQs

Licence Reservation is a great way for EA customers to place mid-term orders for Online Services without a PO. If the prices are locked for the services, great, otherwise the QuickStart facility is there to order services before the price is locked.

This is a useful page on some of the most frequently asked questions on Licence Reservation and QuickStart: