End of sales for OEM Windows 8.1 – October 2016

Usually when Microsoft launch a new flavour of Windows the previous version is available preinstalled on new machines for at least another two years. It’s different with Windows 10!

Windows 7 Professional will be available until 31 October 2016 (4 years after the launch of Windows 8) while Windows 8.1 will also be available until 31 October 2016 but that’s a mere 15 months after the launch of Windows 10.

The end of Windows 8 comes even quicker at 30 June 2016. Microsoft’s Windows lifecycle fact sheet has all the details: http://bit.ly/1MGslQR.

Reimaging Rights: VL Brief Updated

The Reimaging Rights Volume Licensing Brief is updated, with the major changes concerning reimaging for the Windows Desktop OS. Here are the highlights:

  • Can you use VL media to reimage a device with an OEM licence to a previous version? Yes, if you obey the usual OEM n-2 downgrade rights.
  • Can you use OEM media to reimage devices? Yes, as long as the device was originally imaged with that precise media.

To this end, there are recommendations given when multiple OEMs have supplied devices into an organisation.

Download the brief here: http://bit.ly/1a8GtyG