Dynamics 365 for Operations Server On-Premises Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (January 2019) Dynamics 365 for Operations Server On-Premises licensing guide. If you haven’t seen a recent version of this guide you’ll notice the new look, and there’s a useful section on page 9 detailing the licensing of Retail scenarios – something’s that only been available since late 2018.

As usual you’ll find this guide here: http://bit.ly/MSLicensingGuides.

Dynamics 365 April 2019 Release Notes

Microsoft announce that the April 2019 Release Notes for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform are now available, detailing the hundreds of new enhancements and capabilities across the Dynamics 365 applications. Key dates for your diary include 1st February, 2019 when the preview of some of the new features starts, and 5th April, 2019 when it’s General Availability time.

Find the announcement and download the 315 page PDF here: http://bit.ly/2R6qOwV.

Updated Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (November 2018) Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide. The main changes are the addition of the Dynamics 365 AI for Sales app (page 15) and some extra clarity around the new Order Lines add-on (page 45). You’ll also notice that some fairly major restructuring has taken place.

Find this guide alongside the rest of the Microsoft Licensing Guides here: http://bit.ly/MSLicensingGuides.

Dynamics 365 AI Apps

The Dynamics 365 AI apps build on the intelligent capabilities in Dynamics 365 to offer additional insights. Microsoft announce that Dynamics 365 AI for Sales is now available in the US (http://bit.ly/2JCVK69).

From a licensing perspective, it’s available for users already licensed with Sales Enterprise, Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution, Customer Engagement Plan, or Dynamics 365 Plan, as an add-on at $50 per user per month (http://bit.ly/2zoVQtg).

Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service (http://bit.ly/2JCWNmB) and Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights (http://bit.ly/2QfgNxP) are also available in public preview.

Dynamics 365 Update Policies

The update schedule for all of the Dynamics 365 products will soon be on a twice-yearly schedule with updates in April and October. Customers using Customer Engagement applications must have updated to the latest version of the apps by 31 January 2019, and Finance and Operations customers by 31 March, 2019. After that date, only the latest version of the online services will be supported. There’s no action for Business Central and the Talent app customers as these products are already on this update schedule.

Find an overview FAQ for Dynamics 365 Update Policies here (http://bit.ly/2yovuYF) with links to further information if required.

Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises Solution

Dynamics 365 Business Central, the all-in-one ERP business management solution aimed at small and medium businesses, was released as a cloud solution in April 2018. Now (October 2018) it’s available as an on-premises solution, replacing the Dynamics NAV product. It’s only available through the Dynamics Price List (DPL) and the licensing is explained in a Licensing Guide which you can find on the PartnerSource portal here: http://bit.ly/2RxQrIv.

Customers who license the on-premises solution may move to the cloud solution by purchasing Business Central Cloud Add-on licences. Premium and Team Member Add-ons are available and one or the other must be acquired for all Business Central On-Premises users. Find details on page 90 of the October 2018 Product Terms document.

In addition, existing Business Central cloud users licensed with active User Subscription Licences may install the Business Central On-Premises server software and access it under their current licences. Find details on page 21 of the October 2018 Online Services Terms document.

The Product Terms and Online Services Terms documents are updated monthly and you can find the current and archived versions here: http://bit.ly/MSproductterms.

New Regions and Pricing for Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Microsoft announce that Dynamics 365 for Marketing is now available in an additional 33 languages and is also geographically available in all current Dynamics 365 markets.

In addition, the pricing has changed so that organizations no longer have to count ALL the contact records in their Dynamics 365 database from a licensing perspective. Now, it’s sufficient to count just the contacts that will be engaged with via a marketing activity such as emails, events and surveys. For most organizations, this will reduce the licensing costs.

Find the announcement here: http://bit.ly/2O4FSPj.

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

There’s a new (October 2018) Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide which reflects the changes introduced with the Fall Update. There are changes to Team Members rights, Marketing contacts, and the minimum number of licences required for the included Dynamics 365 portal, and some new SKUs: Customer Service Professional, Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution/Solution Plus, Unified Order Operations – Order Lines, and Talent Comprehensive Hiring.

Find the guide here: http://bit.ly/MSLicensingGuides, and refer to page 1 for a summary table of changes.

New Applications for Dynamics 365

Microsoft announce new AI and mixed reality business applications for Dynamics 365. The next major release to the Dynamics products will be available on 1 October, 2018 and will include a new class of AI applications to help customers with decision making and to enable them to take informed actions. The new AI apps will be available for Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service and Market Insights. Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Dynamics 365 Layout, mixed reality applications that use Microsoft HoloLens, will also be available in the same timeframe. Find the announcement and watch some videos of these new products in action here: http://bit.ly/2O0KRzC.