Multi-tenant organisation capabilities within Microsoft 365

Microsoft announce that multi-tenant organisation (MTO) capabilities within Microsoft 365 are now generally available. These capabilities aim to enhance an organisation’s collaboration and communication activities across multiple tenants using Teams and Viva Engage. From a licensing perspective only one Microsoft Entra ID Plan 1 licence is required per employee per multi-tenant organisation, and a Viva Suite or Employee Communications & Communities User SL is required for the MTO capabilities in Viva Engage.

Find the announcement here:, and use this site for a good explanation of the different options for organisations with more than one tenant:

Viva Pulse is generally available

Microsoft announce the availability of Viva Pulse to help leaders seek regular and confidential feedback about their team’s experience, and this new app is included in the existing $12 per user per month Viva Suite.

You can find the announcement article here:, and a useful Viva app comparison sheet which includes Viva Pulse here:

Microsoft Viva comparison table

Microsoft Viva as a brand is about improving the employee experience and these days there are 8 different apps with all sorts of different ways of buying them – included in a Microsoft 365 plan, as part of the Viva Suite, or as an individual add-on. Download this useful comparison table to find out what’s included where and how much it all costs:

New Microsoft Viva offerings

Microsoft announce two new apps for Viva.

Firstly, there will be Viva Pulse to empower leaders to seek regular and confidential feedback about their team’s experience, which will sit alongside company-wide engagement tools like Glint, which itself will come to Viva next year.

Secondly, there will be Viva Amplify to help leaders to get their message across and energise their people. Both of these apps will be included within the existing Viva Suite when they’re available.

Find the announcement article here:, and find out more about the new apps and other new functionality in the “Viva Innovation Brochure” here:

General Availability of Viva Goals

Microsoft announce that Viva Goals is now generally available. This Viva module is based on the acquired product, and enables business goal setting and management via the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) goal-setting framework. From a licensing perspective, there’s a standalone Viva Goals license available for $6 per user per month, or it’s included in the existing Viva Suite license, currently costing $9 per user per month. Viva Goals is available as a Teams app where users must be licensed for Microsoft Teams, or a web app where there are no prerequisites.

Find the announcement here:, where there’s a good overview video, and the product/pricing page here:

Viva Sales in preview

Microsoft announce that Viva Sales is in preview. Viva as a brand is about improving the employee experience, and the Viva Suite is aimed at employees in any role across a business. Viva Sales is tailored to improve the employee experience for a specific role – sellers – and enables users to use Office 365 and Teams to automatically capture, access and register data into a CRM system, eliminating the administrative burden of manual data entry. In the public preview, Viva Sales will be available at no additional charge to organisations who use Microsoft 365 and Teams, and you’ll need to be licensed for Dynamics 365 to try out the full experience. Further details on licensing will be released when Viva Sales is generally available.

Find the announcement here:, and a useful FAQ here: