Microsoft 365 plan comparison documents

There are updated (May 2024) Microsoft 365 plan comparison documents with some small changes such as the addition of the Entra ID Free plan. These useful documents tell you which (of the many) different components are included in which Office 365/Microsoft 365 plan, and there’s a table for SMB customers (, and one for Enterprise customers (, and still more for specialist US customers – one for GCC (, one for GCC High ( and the final one for DoD ( And, if you’re a partner, there’s exciting news – we’ve found the Excel version of these files! Drop us an email on from your work email address and we’ll send it on.

Microsoft Viva comparison table

Microsoft Viva as a brand is about improving the employee experience and these days there are 8 different apps with all sorts of different ways of buying them – included in a Microsoft 365 plan, as part of the Viva Suite, or as an individual add-on. Download this useful comparison table to find out what’s included where and how much it all costs:

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft introduced Microsoft 365 Business Voice in November 2019 for the UK and Canada, with plans for global availability in 2020. This is a single Add-on licence which includes access to Phone System, Audio Conferencing, and a Domestic Calling Plan, and can be added to an Office 365 plan (Business Essentials, Business Premium, A1, E1, A3, E3) or a Microsoft 365 plan (Business, A3, E3). It’s limited to up to 300 users in an organisation, and the price per month is £12.00 per user.

Find the original announcement here: and a useful overview page here: