Microsoft 365 plan comparison documents

There are updated (May 2024) Microsoft 365 plan comparison documents with some small changes such as the addition of the Entra ID Free plan. These useful documents tell you which (of the many) different components are included in which Office 365/Microsoft 365 plan, and there’s a table for SMB customers (, and one for Enterprise customers (, and still more for specialist US customers – one for GCC (, one for GCC High ( and the final one for DoD ( And, if you’re a partner, there’s exciting news – we’ve found the Excel version of these files! Drop us an email on from your work email address and we’ll send it on.

Multi-tenant organisation capabilities within Microsoft 365

Microsoft announce that multi-tenant organisation (MTO) capabilities within Microsoft 365 are now generally available. These capabilities aim to enhance an organisation’s collaboration and communication activities across multiple tenants using Teams and Viva Engage. From a licensing perspective only one Microsoft Entra ID Plan 1 licence is required per employee per multi-tenant organisation, and a Viva Suite or Employee Communications & Communities User SL is required for the MTO capabilities in Viva Engage.

Find the announcement here:, and use this site for a good explanation of the different options for organisations with more than one tenant:

Microsoft Entra ID Governance licensing

Microsoft Entra ID Governance is an identity governance solution to help organisations strengthen security and more easily meet compliance and regulatory requirements. There are (of course) multiple ways for customers to acquire the licences for this solution, and this article does a good job in explaining the options:

Microsoft 365 plan comparison document

There’s an updated (August 2023) version of the popular Microsoft 365 plan comparison document showing you the different components in all of the Enterprise and Frontline Worker plans and the Add-on licences that are available. This latest refresh is updated for the name change of Azure Active Directory to Entra ID, includes more detail on the Defender Vulnerability Management SKUs, and updates the Viva section with Viva Glint and Viva Goals.

Find this useful document here:

Azure Active Directory becomes Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft announce that Azure Active Directory will be renamed to Microsoft Entra ID from 1 October, 2023.  There are no changes to any functionality or costs, and there’s no action for customers.

You can find the announcement here:, and this page has further useful information including some FAQs: