Microsoft Dev Box is generally available

Microsoft announce the general availability of Dev Box – think Windows 365 optimised for developer use cases and productivity.

In common with Windows 365, users need to be licensed for Windows 11 Enterprise, Intune and Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1, and then there’s a fee for the Dev Box services each month. And this is where it’s a bit different… You need to pay a flat monthly storage fee – which differs depending on which Dev Box configuration you’ve chosen – and then you pay an hourly compute fee for each hour of active usage during the month. However, for each Dev Box type there’s a maximum monthly price and when a Dev Box’s total cost (including its monthly storage and hourly compute) reaches the level of the maximum monthly price, billing will automatically stop for that Dev Box.

Find the announcement here:, pricing information here:, and an article with general Dev Box information here:

AAD Premium Plan 1 added to Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft announce that the full set of Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1 capabilities are being added to Microsoft 365 Business. Previously, Microsoft 365 Business just had a subset of the capabilities but now customers will also get the benefits of Cloud App Discovery, Application Proxy, Dynamics Groups, and Passwordless Authentication.

The new capabilities are already rolling out to new Microsoft 365 Business customers and are scheduled for existing customers throughout the rest of April 2020.

Find the announcement article here: