Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (December 2021) Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide.

There aren’t major changes: just the addition of Intelligent Order Management capacity where it’s included with other licences (Commerce and Supply Chain Management), and confirmation throughout that the Project Operations app is required for time, expense and invoice functionality. As usual, there’s a change log on page 59 if you need the details of the amendments.

Find the updated guide here: https://bit.ly/3oiIQ2T.

Power Platform Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (October 2021) Power Platform Licensing Guide.

The main update is for the changes to Power Apps Per App licensing which is now just that – a single licence allows access to one app or one portal rather than the previous two apps and one portal. Entitlements for the new Intelligent Order Management are also added, and notice of end of support for WinAutomation at 31 December, 2021.

Find the updated Licensing Guide here: https://bit.ly/3uSHU7b.

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (August 2021) Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide.

There are two main updates: firstly for the changes to the licensing of Dynamics 365 Marketing with the availability of packs for Additional Interactions, and secondly for the launch of Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management. Find out more about the changes to Marketing on our blog here: https://bit.ly/384voab, and information on Intelligent Order Management here: https://bit.ly/3j7zp3W.

Get the updated Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide here: https://bit.ly/3rQpN08.

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Microsoft announce the General Availability of Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management, helping customers to take and fulfil orders at the fastest speed and lowest cost. It’s licensed via a tenant licence costing $300 per month which covers 1,000 order lines. There’s no separate licence for additional capacity, customers just buy more units of the tenant licence.

Find the announcement here: https://bit.ly/3D8EDnQ, and confirmation of the pricing here: https://bit.ly/2WhOZBd.