Concurrent Exchange Online licence assignments

Microsoft introduce support for concurrent Exchange Online licence assignments, which means that users can now be assigned multiple licences that include access to Exchange Online. This article ( gives you an overview of how it all works and the benefits of stacking licences in this way.

Microsoft Teams Trial in CSP.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft announce at Inspire that they’re launching a trial of Teams in CSP from 1st August, 2019. It’s aimed at customers who have yet to see the value of the cloud, or who are perhaps using a standalone service such as Exchange Online.

Watch the 20-minute session that covers this new offer here:, with this particular slide at 13:13.

Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft announce Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection – a new email filtering service that adds on to the protection provided by Exchange Online Protection to protect against specific types of advanced threats.

It will be available in the summer and be licensed with a User SL priced at $2 per month. This very readable Microsoft announcement article is worth a look for some detail on the precise services it will offer and an FAQ: