February 2017 Product Terms and OST Changes

There are VDA per User Add-on SLs added to the February 2017 Product Terms document. These are designed to be added on to VDA Device SLs and follow the same rules as the Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5 Add-ons. See pages 38 and 42-43 of this document.

The February 2017 Online Services Terms document adds some clarity around Dynamics 365 licensing. Firstly, external users don’t need an SL if they’re using the Operations service, but if they’re using Dynamics 365 clients to access the other services then they do. And secondly, it’s confirmed that if you’re licensed for Dynamics 365 Business edition then you don’t have the right to install and use Dynamics 365 on-premises server software. See page 3.

August 2015 Online Services Terms document

August 2015 is the first month that the Online Services Terms document is released on a monthly schedule. There are few changes from the July 2015 document and page 3 of the document has a good summary of the amendments: Advanced Threat Protection is added, Power BI for Office 365 changes its name to Power BI Pro, and there are some slight changes to various terms, the most notable of which is the “Disclosure of Customer Data” section which describes Microsoft’s approach to third party requests for Customer Data. Get the updated document here: http://bit.ly/MSvlterms.