Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services

Microsoft announce that Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services is generally available.

This is an add-on licence with a variety of qualifying licences required, which enable different capabilities to help retail banks to enhance customer and employee experiences, and to drive loyalty and customer growth.

It’s a tenant-wide licence available through the EA at $20,000 per month, deployable from the UK or the US. There’s a useful datasheet here: and you can find the announcement here:

Microsoft Cloud App Security Licensing Datasheet

We found a July 2020 Microsoft Cloud App Security Licensing Datasheet that you might find useful if you want to learn the ins and outs of licensing the Cloud App Security and Cloud App Discovery solutions from Microsoft.

It’s 8 pages long with an overview section, followed by some useful FAQs. Find it here:

Windows Server 2019 Available

Microsoft announce that Windows Server 2019 is available for download from VLSC:

There’s also a Licensing Datasheet available where you’ll see that the basic licensing model is unchanged: servers are licensed per core with packs of 2 or 16 Core licences available, and a minimum of 8 Core licences assigned to a processor, and 16 to a server. CALs are required for users or devices accessing the services of the server.

The datasheet also confirms that there’s a 10% price increase for Windows Server 2019 Standard Core licences, and gives a nice overview of the Servicing Channels.

Find the datasheet here: