GA of Project Server 2016

Microsoft announce General Availability of Project Server 2016.

As we’re coming to expect, this on-premises product is built from the same code used to deliver the cloud service, and it’s now a part of a SharePoint Server installation – although separate Project Server licences will naturally be required.

The Microsoft announcement is here:

SharePoint and Project Server 2016

Microsoft announce RTM of SharePoint Server 2016 and Project Server 2016, and expect availability in VLSC in early May.

Interestingly, Project Server will now be part of the SharePoint Server installation – but will still require its own licence of course.

Read the announcement here ( and find a link to the Project Server 2016 release notes too.

Project Server 2013 Licensing Guide

If Microsoft Project is your thing then you might find this Project 2013 Licensing Guide from Microsoft useful. It’s got a nice overview of all the different Project licences, although it’s not yet updated for Project Lite.

There are also diagrams showing the licences required in a 3-tier on-premises deployment, a Project Online configuration, and a dev/test environment.

Finally, there’s some useful information about when a Project Server CAL is needed as well as some FAQs.

Get the guide here: