Fraud Protection PAYG billing available

Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection customers can now pay for their Fraud Protection transactions on a PAYG basis each month. There are three pricing tiers for each workload with, as you’d expect, prices decreasing as the number of transactions increases. To enable monthly billing, customers need to purchase a monthly Fraud Protection PAYG license for $12 per month, and then choose the Azure Subscription that they want the Fraud Protection transactions billed against.

You can find details of the different pricing tiers and setup instructions here:

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (July 2020) Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide.

The main update is for the two new Fraud Protection capabilities – Account Protection and Loss Protection.

Get an overview of Fraud Protection and its licensing on our blog here:, and download the updated Licensing Guide here:

Announcements for Dynamics 365 retail solutions

Microsoft make three announcements concerning their Dynamics 365 retail solutions:

  • Dynamics 365 Commerce (an evolution of Dynamics 365 Retail unifying back-office, e-commerce, in-store and call centre experiences) will be generally available on 3rd February, 2020
  • There will be two new capabilities for Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection (loss prevention and account protection) available for preview on 2nd March, 2020
  • Dynamics 365 Connected Store (which uses smart devices in-store to give customers real-time and predictive insights on, for example, the length of queues at the tills or traffic around product displays so that appropriate actions can be taken) will be in preview later in 2020

Find the announcement with links to further resources including case studies here: