Microsoft 365 Business FAQ

If you’re interested in Microsoft 365 Business then there’s an FAQ which may be useful. From a licensing perspective it answers questions such as: Can I add Office 365 Add-ons to Microsoft 365 Business (Yes); Can I add Phone System and Calling Plans (No); and can Microsoft 365 Business customers create hosted Windows 10 VMs (No).

Find the FAQ here:

Microsoft 365 Business FAQ

Microsoft have released a new (July 2017) FAQ on Microsoft 365 Business: the new suite aimed at businesses with up to 300 users which will include Office 365 Business Premium, Windows 10 Pro, and security and management features.

It will be in preview from 2nd August 2017, and this FAQ gives you a headstart in learning what this suite is, how the public preview will work, deployment and compatability considerations, and potential opportunities for partners selling the suite.

Find the FAQ in the Online Services section of our Licensing Guides emporium: