General Availability of Power Pages

Microsoft announce the General Availability of Power Pages at the Ignite conference on 12 October, 2022. Power Pages is the fifth product in the Power Platform family and, in common with the other members of the Power Platform family, is a low-code solution which enables any user to create a secure website, but with advanced capabilities for customisation by professional developers as required.

From a licensing perspective, you license a website for authenticated users and/or anonymous users, either on a subscription basis or on a pay-as-you-go basis. There is tiered pricing available for the subscription licences which starts at $200 for 100 authenticated users per site per month and $75 for 500 anonymous users per site per month, and which will be available to purchase from 1 November, 2022. The PAYG meters accrue charges against an Azure Subscription and cost $4 per authenticated user per site per month and $0.30 per anonymous user per site per month.

You can find the announcement here:, pricing information here:, and a whole host of useful licensing information here: