Overview of the Changes to the March 2015 Volume Licensing Product List

Short and sweet, here are the changes to the March 2015 Product List…

From SA USLs

  • There’s a new exception added for customers who have more users than devices and want to transition from device licences to Online Services via From SA USLs. Typically they can only purchase From SA USLs up to the number of qualifying underlying licences, but this new one-time exception allows the customer to purchase more From SA USLs – as long as they purchase a From SA USL for all users of all licensed Qualified Devices. See pages 34, 45, 47 and 58
  • It’s also confirmed on the same pages that customers transitioning to EMS, Office 365 or ECS From SA USL qualify for SA Benefits based on the qualifying products being transitioned

Additional products available in Open and Open Value

  • The Enterprise Mobility Suite makes its debut in the Open and Open Value programs and customers will be able to acquire both the Full USL and the Add-on through these programs as per page 44
  • EMS includes Azure Active Directory and this product will also be available as a standalone SKU – both in the Basic and Premium flavours as shown on page 46

Farewell to Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2

  • FIM is removed from the Product List – it was announced back in November 2014 that Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) would replace FIM in the first part of 2015

Windows SA per User Add-on

  • It’s confirmed on page 30 that Windows SA per User Add-ons are eligible for reduction at Anniversary

Cross Program Renewal

  • And finally, on page 64, it’s confirmed that the MPSA is eligible for the cross program renewal of SA and follows the same rules as Select Plus