Overview of the Changes to the February 2015 Volume Licensing Product List

It’s a relatively quiet month as far as updates to the February 2015 Product List are concerned, with the changes split into two main areas – some amendments to use rights, and some new products and offerings.

Amendments to use rights:

  • It’s confirmed that customers with SQL Enterprise Core licences with active SA on 1 February 2014 can choose to deploy SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse in place of SQL Server Enterprise – see page 26
  • The use rights for the EMS and Office 365 Add-ons are extended; previously, the Office 365 Add-ons granted access rights equivalent to a Windows Server 2012 CAL, now both types of Add-ons grant access rights to ALL of the components in the qualifying licences from any device. This is obviously only for the user licensed with the Add-on USL and it does include downgrade rights for the server components, but not for Office Professional Plus. See pages 46 and 59

New products and offerings:

  • The Lync Voice Add-on for the Enterprise Cloud Suite makes its (belated) appearance in the Enterprise Cloud Suite section and is confirmed as an Additional Product, rather than an Enterprise Online Service as the EMS and Office 365 Add-ons are. See page 47
  • There’s a new services offering detailed on page 84 – the Sales Productivity Accelerator. This is a service provided by Microsoft Services over the course of a four week term to deliver a fixed-scope implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  • CRM Online makes its debut in both the Open programs with its commercial offerings and also as a set of new education offerings through all of the Academic programs. See page 49 for what’s available through what program
  • Customers receive Planning Services days based on the number of qualifying licences that they have, and the Dynamics AX products are added to the list of these qualifying licences on page 68
  • Azure RemoteApp is added on page 47 with the “(Plan)” label indicating that it’s licensed with a USL and does not decrement any Azure Monetary Commitment a customer may have