Overview of the Changes to the July 2014 Volume Licensing Product List

There aren’t a huge number of changes this month to the Product List, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to take a closer look at a couple of the products which have been removed, and to report on what’s succeeded them and how you now acquire the equivalent services.

The first to go is Forefront Online Protection for Exchange which we’ve affectionately (?) called FOPE in the past. There’s a TechNet article (http://bit.ly/1nI6Kz2) which confirms that Exchange Online Protection (EOP) is the latest version of FOPE. You can acquire a standalone User Subscription Licence for about $1 a month (http://bit.ly/1kgEl44), or page 13 of the July 2014 Product List confirms that an Enterprise CAL Suite licence with active SA includes rights to EOP.

Exchange Hosted Encryption also leaves us. This msdn page (http://bit.ly/1qFm0Ad) tells us that Office 365 Message Encryption is the new version of EHE, and an announcement on the Office Blog (http://bit.ly/1nJ8AkI) gives details on how you get rights to this message encryption service.

And this brings me to another change to be aware of this month: the service that started off as “Windows Azure Active Directory Rights Management” has had a few name changes, and this month it’s more simply known as “Microsoft Rights Management” and a User Subscription Licence for this service will give you access to Office 365 Message Encryption. However, don’t forget the new and shiny Enterprise Mobility Suite, since that’s another way to acquire rights to Microsoft Rights Management too (http://bit.ly/1mQcAK9).

Finally, there are a couple of products added – the Support offerings for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Microsoft Social Listening. This link in the Product List (http://bit.ly/1rJonQO) is worth a look if you need to know more about these support options.