Windows 365 Frontline

Microsoft announce that Windows 365 Frontline is now in public preview. Windows 365 Enterprise and Business became available in August 2021, Windows 365 Government (for US Government) in October 2022, and now Windows 365 Frontline joins this family of cloud PCs.

Like the rest of the family, Windows 365 Frontline delivers a personalised Cloud PC (consisting of Windows, apps, data and settings) to users, but is aimed at shift workers in an organisation. Every licence purchased allows a business to create 3 Cloud PCs which, in effect, cover 3 employees in 8-hour shifts over a 24-hour period. Note that the number of people using a Windows 365 Frontline Cloud PC at any one time can be no greater than the number of licences purchased. So, if you have 3 shifts of 110, 90, and 100 workers you would need to purchase 110 Windows 365 Frontline licences which would allow you to deploy 330 Cloud PCs, of which 110 can be used at any time.

Find the announcement here:, a good overview video here:, and join the public preview here: