Updated Premium Assurance Datasheet

There’s an updated (March 2017) Premium Assurance datasheet from Microsoft. Premium Assurance allows you to add 6 more years of product support to SQL or Windows Server licences with active SA.

There’s a phased pricing model – the later you purchase Premium Assurance, the more expensive it is. The main adjustment to this datasheet is the inclusion of a TCO example showing that if you want to maintain product support for Windows Server until December 2026 it’s actually more cost effective to start paying in March 2017 rather than March 2020.

Find it here: http://bit.ly/MSLicensingGuides.

Premium Assurance FAQ

There’s a new Premium Assurance FAQ from Microsoft. This document contains some useful information on topics such as whether System Center is covered by updates, the hardware policy for servers covered under PA, pricing information, licensing models covered, minimum purchasing periods, and whether phone or email support is included.

If Premium Assurance is of interest to you then this document is definitely worth a read and you can find it here: http://bit.ly/MSLicensingGuides.

Premium Assurance Available

Microsoft announce that Premium Assurance is available. As a reminder, this is an Add-on that you can buy for Windows Server and/or SQL Server, if you have Software Assurance, to give you an extra six years of product support. Other key facts are that you have to buy it for ALL of your Windows/SQL Servers with active SA, and the price will increase in July 2017. Find the Microsoft announcement here: http://bit.ly/2ms74rZ.

Premium Assurance

Microsoft announce Premium Assurance on 8 December 2016 (http://bit.ly/2hxi0ix) which is a way of adding six more years of product support for either Windows Server or SQL Server.

There’s a useful datasheet which gives more details, but here are the highlights: you need SA to be able to purchase Premium Assurance, and you must purchase it for ALL servers with active SA in an EA, EES or SCE. You also need to acquire Premium Assurance for a product before it goes out of support, and the price will go up over the next few years – from March 2017 it will be 5% of the licence cost rising to 12% from July 2019.

You can find the datasheet in the Core Infrastructure section in our Licensing Guides emporium: http://bit.ly/MSLicensingGuides.