HUP Marketing Site

The Home Use Program marketing site is updated for Office 2016. This is where you’ll find presentations to learn about HUP whether you’re a user, executive or Benefits Administrator, and also where you can download marketing materials such as flyers, newsletters and web banners to help you promote HUP in your organisation.

Find this useful site here – – and choose your language and country at the right hand side.

Office 365ProPlus Update Branches

The feature updates for Office 365 ProPlus are managed in a similar (but not quite the same) way as for Windows 10.

There’s a Current Branch and Current Branch for Business, but no Long Term Servicing Branch – if you want a static version of Office then you’ll need to deploy Office Professional Plus 2016.

There is, however, a First Release for Current Branch for Business to give organisations a chance to evaluate the CBB build before deployment.

There are some good explanations and diagrams in this TechNet article – it’s definitely worth a look:

October 2015 Volume Licensing Briefs

There are two updated Volume Licensing Briefs for October 2015: “Licensing Office 365 ProPlus in VL” and “Licensing Microsoft Office Software in VL”.

There are no major changes, the documents are just updated for the removal of the Office Multi Language Pack as an SA benefit – it’s now included with the licence, and the possibilities of Shared Computer Activation – including running Office 365 ProPlus in Azure.

Get the briefs here:

Office 2016 Availability

Today is the worldwide release of Office 2016 for Windows and there are details in this Microsoft blog post on the new features that you can expect:

Office 2016 for Mac is also available as a one-time purchase for the first time – since its launch in July it has only been available to Office 365 subscribers. And, as if that wasn’t enough, 2016 versions of Project and Visio are available too.