Microsoft Azure Customer Solution VL Brief

There’s an updated (April 2022) Microsoft Azure Customer Solution VL Brief. This is a useful document detailing the rules for ISVs when creating customer solutions built on Azure: essentially, ISVs should purchase the Azure services through an EA or (and this is the addition to this new document version) direct from Microsoft via the Microsoft Customer Agreement. Partners intending to just resell the Azure services should use the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

Find this updated document here:

Updates to Get Licensing Ready

If you’re a fan of Get Licensing Ready then you’ll be excited to know that there are some new tracks and modules for you to work through. All the prior certifications (MLSS, MLSE etc) remain under a “Prior GLR tracks” tab, but now there are separate “Microsoft products” and “Microsoft programs” tabs where you’ll find the existing modules and some new ones too.

Check out the new “Licensing Specialist: cloud solutions” track which has brand new modules about licensing Windows and SQL Server in Azure, and how the Microsoft server products are licensed in the public cloud.

If you’re not already a GLR user, head to – it’s free to register, and you’ll find your day just got better from a licensing perspective ๐Ÿ™‚

Dynamics 365 Get Licensing Ready track

The Dynamics 365 track on Get Licensing Ready has been updated for all the recent changes up to and including February 2020, and the content has been split into two modules – Licensing the Dynamics 365 CRM applications, and Licensing the Dynamics ERP applications. Head over to GLR to learn about the licensing with video and reference material and to take a test to prove your knowledge:

Enhanced CSP track in GLR

CSP track on GLR
Enhanced CSP track in GLR

The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) track in Get Licensing Ready has been enhanced and extended to contain the following modules:

  • Introduction to CSP
  • Licensing Online Services in CSP
  • Licensing Azure Services in CSP
  • Licensing Virtual Machines in CSP
  • Comparing CSP to other Programs: Azure

Each module has the usual video, handout and test so itโ€™s an ideal way to learn the essentials of licensing in CSP, with a certificate awarded at the end.

Find the track in the English portal here:

Get Licensing Ready Updates

Today (1st October) the two English portals in GLR, UK English and US English, have been consolidated into one new English portal.

All exam passes in both languages have been transferred to the new portal, and you’ll find that your GLR experience is otherwise unchanged. End of an era for us UK-Englishers!

Take your exams (in English or one of the many other languages) here:

SPLA track available in GLR

SPLA comes to GLR! If you’re already a fan of Get Licensing Ready then you’ll know that it’s a great way of testing your existing licensing knowledge as well as learning topics you’re less familiar with. Now there are four new modules for the Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA), so if you need to get up to speed with how Microsoft licensing works under SPLA, then download the handouts, watch the videos, and get a tick in the box by passing the exams:

Updates to Get Licensing Ready

GLR Tracks

Some exciting updates to the Get Licensing Ready site! First of all, there’s a new track for you to demonstrate your proficiency in the Enterprise Cloud Suite with three exams to take and pass. Then there’s an overhaul of the whole look and feel of the site so that it’s easier to see what tracks are available and whether your certifications are still valid. Head off to to check you’re all up-to-date with your licensing knowledge.

Enterprise Cloud Suite handouts from GLR

If you’re a fan of the Get Licensing Ready handouts – and who doesn’t love these one pagers on all aspects of Microsoft licensing?! – then you can get a preview of the new handouts for the Enterprise Cloud Suite.

New exams will come to Get Licensing Ready soon, but the handouts are available here right now:

Updates to Get Licensing Ready

The Virtualisation module has been removed from the Get Licensing Ready tracks. Are those GLR Elves mad?! No, there’s method in their madness – all of the virtualisation content is now incorporated into the various product modules where it should be – and thus there’s no need for this separate module any more.

Don’t forget to keep your GLR certification up to date at: