SA Benefits: CustomerSource

CustomerSource is confirmed as an SA benefit for Dynamics customers with either active SA or an Online Subscription. And what is CustomerSource? In the words of the UK Dynamics site: “CustomerSource is a secure site that allows you to access job-tailored productivity tools including unlimited training courses and self-support resources like the knowledge base.”

That’ll be useful stuff to do with Dynamics products then. See page 76 of the November 2014 Product List.

Licensing Resources for Dynamics AX 2012 R3

There’s an updated (May 2014) Licensing Guide for Dynamics AX 2012 R3. As well as the updates you’d expect which cover the (slight) changes in R3 licensing, there are new sections added for:

  • licensing Companion Apps
  • running AX 2012 R3 on Azure
  • the License Sizing Estimator tool (to estimate the configuration of different types of CALs that an organisation will need)
  • licensing guidance for specific industries covering warehouse and transportation management, retail and e-commerce, and public sector.

Get the guide here:

Two new members of the Dynamics AX 2012 R3 family are added to the July 2014 Product Use Rights document: the Store Server licence and the Standard Commerce Server Core licence. If you’re curious about the scenarios where these licences are needed (and who wouldn’t be) then the Retail and eCommerce Licensing Guide from Microsoft is a good read as it covers the licensing requirements for traditional brick and mortar stores, Mobile POS, and eCommerce scenarios. Get the guide here:

Overview of the Changes to the May 2014 Volume Licensing Product List

SQL Server 2014

  • It’s confirmed on page 27 that the CAL waiver for Batch jobs that was introduced with the SQL 2014 Business Intelligence edition also applies to the 2012 version
  • Customers with SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse Core licences with SA can now step up to SQL Enterprise Core licences – see page 75

AX 2012 R3

  • AX 2012 R3 replaces the R2 version for May 2014
  • There are changes to the wording in the rights allowed with the different levels of CALs, as well as clarification of terms such as “Point of Sale Device” and “Warehouse Device”. Full details are on pages 17/18
  • There’s confirmation added that CALs are not required for external users, but a cautionary note is included stating that external user licences must not be used for business process outsourcing purposes
  • Fail-over server licensing becomes an SA benefit. Although it’s not mentioned in the Product List I thought I’d include the change here – see page 67 of the April Product Use Rights for details

Windows Enterprise Sideloading

  • There are a number of changes to the licensing of Windows Enterprise Sideloading. Read on for the summary, or peruse page 33
  • Enterprise Sideloading is now feature-enabled in both the Pro and Enterprise editions running on domain-joined PCs through any Volume Licensing program
  • Customers with EA, Select Plus, School or EES agreements receive Enterprise Sideloading Rights to enable non domain-joined or RT devices
  • Other customers can acquire Enterprise Sideloading Rights as a single SKU to cover all devices for $100 through Open

Other Additions

  • Project Lite arrives – this is a cloud offering designed for project team members to do things such as updating tasks and entering timesheet information as an alternative to the full-blown (and more expensive) Project Online
  • The CRM Online Enterprise USLs are added although there is a note stating that availability will be later in May/June. These USLs add Dynamics Marketing (formerly MarketingPilot) and Unified Service Desk (an application for call centres) to the functionality accessed through the CRM Online Professional USLs
  • Standalone Dynamics Marketing USLs are also added with the same note regarding availability

Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Pricing and Licensing Changes

Microsoft give further details for the pricing and licensing of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. Key takeaways:

  • no change to the fundamental Server / CAL model that’s used
  • the existing four CALs will still be available with some price changes (up AND down), and
  • new capabilities are added to the Server licence with a corresponding increase in price.

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