Changes to Office 365 Client Licensing and Activation

Microsoft announce that there will be some changes to the licensing and activation of the subscription-based Office clients such as Office 365 ProPlus.

Users will be able to install Office on a new device without being prompted to deactivate Office on another device when they reach the five-device limit, and will simply be signed out of Office on the device where Office has been least recently used.

These changes will start rolling out to customers from August, with exact timings dependent on which release channel a customer is using.

Find the full announcement here:

Windows 10 Licensing Guide

There’s an updated (February 2019) Windows 10 Licensing Guide. The main changes are a Per User Qualifying Operating Systems table added on page 7, and a section on Windows 10 Education Activation added on page 16.

Find this Licensing Guide with hundreds of other Microsoft Licensing Guides that we’ve collected over the years here:

Office 365 ProPlus Licensing Articles

If you’ve got an interest in deploying Office 365 ProPlus in an enterprise environment then the list of articles here ( is worth a look.

Of particular usefulness to those focusing on licensing is an “Overview of Shared Computer Activation for Office 365 ProPlus” ( and an “Overview of Licensing and Activation in Office 365 ProPlus” (

One for your weekend reading list!

Windows 10 Subscription Activation

If you’ve got questions on Windows 10 subscription activation then add this article to your reading list: There’s lots of useful information including a short history of Windows deployment, the prerequisites and advantages of using the Windows 10 Enterprise subscription model and how it works, and how you enable Windows 10 subscription activation for virtual machines in the cloud. If you’re interested in the differences between acquiring licences in an Enterprise Agreement and CSP then there’s some great information on that too.

Windows 10 Activation

This is a useful page on the different ways that Windows 10 can be activated, ranging from the new “digital entitlement” when you’ve used the free upgrade to Windows 10, to the traditional product keys required when Windows 10 is purchased through a Volume Licensing agreement.

There’s also help on what to do when you need to activate after reinstalling Windows 10 or when you’ve made a hardware configuration change.

Read all about it here:

FAQ: Activation and Product Keys

This is a useful site if you want to learn more about product activation:

It includes good information on all the basics as well as answering less well-known questions such as: which activation method should be used for virtual computers, what key to use on PCs preinstalled with Windows when you want to downgrade to an earlier version, and why the amount of MAK activations doesn’t match the number of purchased licences.