Changes to Power Automate licensing

Microsoft announce that a new product – Power Automate Process Mining – will be available from 1 August, 2023, and that there will be other changes to Power Automate licensing starting on that date too.

First of all, a new Power Automate Premium licence replaces both the Per User ($15 per month) and Per User with Attended RPA ($40 per month) licences. The price of the new licence will be $15 per month, and allows users access to Cloud Flows (DPA) and Desktop Flows (RPA) in attended mode. This is what the old Per User with Attended RPA included, but the new licence also gives entitlements to the new Power Automate Process Mining capabilities.

Next, there’s a new Power Automate Process licence. This can either be used for running unattended Desktop Flows (replacing the Unattended RPA licence) or for Cloud Flows used by an unlimited number of users in an organisation (replacing the Flow licence).

Power Automate Process Mining is a tool which can help customers to understand what is happening across their business and to reduce the complexity of their processes. Organisations can get started with Power Automate Process Mining using the entitlements in the Power Automate Premium licence and then (as required) purchasing a Power Automate Process Mining Add-on licence for an additional 100 GB of Process Mining data storage which will cost $5,000 per tenant per month.

Find the announcement article with more information on Power Automate Process Mining here: