August 2015 Updated Volume Licensing Briefs

Due to the arrival of Windows 10 in July 2015, four of the existing Microsoft Volume Licensing Briefs have been updated for August 2015. Read on to find out what’s changed in each document.

“Licensing Windows desktop operating system for use with virtual machines” (

  • Updated for Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education throughout
  • Remote access of VOSEs is no longer on “device(s) in your datacenter” but on “device(s) dedicated to Customer’s use” (page 3)

“Windows desktop operating system license requirements” (

  • Updated for Windows 10 throughout
  • Wording changed to clarify that an assignment of a Volume Licensing Upgrade license is permanent UNLESS there is active SA and a couple of other conditions are satisfied (page 2)

“Licensing Windows and Microsoft Office for use on the Macintosh” (

  • Updated for Windows 10 and Office 2016 for Mac throughout
  • Note added that when licensing Office on a per user basis through Office 365, the licence must be assigned to a single user before using the software (page 4)
  • Office 365 ProPlus and Office 365 Business are added to the list of equivalent editions allowed under platform independence rights and there’s a note that Office 365 click-to run automatically installs the Mac versions of the Office applications (page 5)

“Downgrade rights for Microsoft Volume Licensing, OEM, and full-package product licenses” (

  • Updated for Windows 10 throughout
  • A frequently asked question is added confirming that users licensed with Windows SA per User receive downgrade rights for all of their devices (page 4)
  • Another question is added confirming the downgrade path for Skype for Business CALs (page 5)