The Online Services Use Rights (OLSUR) – what sort of questions can it answer for you?

The Online Services Use Rights document has been around a while but it’s this month that it’s really come of age with the bulk of the use rights for the Online Services products being moved exclusively to it from the PUR. So, given that you probably don’t want to read this tome from start to finish, when’s it going to be handy for you in your licensing life? Here are ten questions that I think it’ll answer for you:

1. Can Online Services be used for an evaluation period?
No. Licences must be acquired to use Online Services for evaluation purposes – with the exception of Forefront Online Protection for Exchange. (Pages 8/18)

2. Does the 90 day rule apply to re-assigning USLs and DSLs?
Yes, with the usual exceptions of covering a user’s absence or the unavailability of a device that is out of service. (Page 9)

3. Does an Office 365 ProPlus USL allow use in an RDS scenario?
Yes. One of a user’s five activations may be used on a network server with the Remote Desktop Services role enabled. (Page 14)

4. How many smartphone devices can a user with an Office 365 ProPlus or E3/E4 USL use Office Mobile on?
Up to five. (Page 13)

5. Does an Office 365 ProPlus USL include Commercial Use Rights for Office Home and Student 2013 RT?
Yes. (Page 14)

6. Can a user licensed with a Project Pro or Visio Pro for Office 365 USL use the software on a device that has been activated by another user under a different USL?
Yes. (Page 14)

7. Project Online requires the use of SharePoint Online Plan 2 – does this need to be acquired separately?
No. SharePoint Online Plan 2 is commissioned as part of the Project Online service and, as you’d expect, may only be used to support Project Online. (Page 23)

8. Do users licensed with Lync Online Plan 1 USLs need further licences to attend a web conference?
No. (Page 19)

9. If a Windows Intune with Windows Desktop Operating System licence has been bought out, may it be transferred to another device?
No. (Page 9)

10. Can the Windows Intune with Windows Desktop Operating System licence be used in a Windows To Go deployment?
Yes. (Page 32)

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