More on the Office 365 Add-ons

I’ve taken all this information from the Microsoft webcast on this topic at If you like to learn by watching a video then proceed with all haste to this link. Otherwise read on for the key points which act as a follow on article to my introductory post on this topic.

Program Availability

  • The Add-ons will be available through the perpetual EA first, then the program will be extended to the Subscription EA as needed
  • There are no changes to the Select Plus program at this point in terms of making these Add-ons available

SKU Notes

  • A customer needs either Core CALs or Enterprise CALs as the underlying licences to purchase these Add-ons and in all cases they’ll need to specify whether they are adding to an underlying Device or User CAL. All Add-ons are USLs
  • Core CAL customers can choose to add on E1
  • Core CAL and Enterprise CAL customers can purchase an E3 or E4 Add-on with or without Office Pro Plus. There is obviously be a price difference, and customers are able to mix the Add-ons within their estate
  • Note that because the customer is maintaining their full CAL there is no need for a Bridge CAL which is required in a transition for the components that aren’t covered by the Office 365 plan

Transactional Notes

  • The Add-ons are Additional Products in the EA, and by default are co-terminous with the EA
  • There is no minimum purchase quantity for the Add-ons, and they may be added by the licence reservation process and then reconciled at the anniversary in the usual way
  • The Add-ons are valid until the end of the contract; at renewal the customer can move to a full USL (via transition) or they can continue to use Add-ons at renewal
  • Customers may mix models (transition and Add-ons) although it’s not necessarily advisable as it may be confusing to manage…!
  • The Add-on is added on for the Primary User of the existing underlying licence and is for a single user if there are multiple people using a device; at no time can you have more Add-ons than underlying licences
  • The standard Online Services terms remain in place, such as cancellations being allowed within 30 days


  • All Add-on prices are monthly prices that take into account the customer’s existing investment. In other words, an E1 Add-on USL to Core CAL is cheaper than the full E1 USL for customers who have not invested in Core CAL
  • There are different prices for the different EA Levels, as usual
  • Customers can add pricing for the Add-ons at any time and if they want locked pricing they should use a Supplemental CPS, as usual
  • The Add-on price is the same for L&SA and SA-only EAs


  • If a customer has, for example, the Enterprise CAL Suite with Office Professional Plus and adds on the E3 Add-on then he retains the rights of the Office Professional Plus licence (perhaps continuing to downgrade to Office 2010) AND receives the rights for Office 365 Pro Plus (such as the multiple install rights)
  • However, the customer must make sure that there is always the underlying licensing in place for the base EA; so any new Qualified Devices must be covered with their own licences rather than using the multiple install rights of an Office 365 Pro Plus licence assigned to another device. The additional rights should be used (as usual) for non-qualifying devices such as mobile devices or in BYOD scenarios

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