Power BI Licensing

It’s all change for Power BI and its licensing. Changes are announced for a new Power BI which has a new user experience and new features. It’s currently in preview with no confirmation of General Availability yet, and you can read all about what’s new here: http://bit.ly/168mYfa.

Licensing wise, today there’s a Power BI Add-on for E3/E4 and a standalone Power BI licence, and a new Power BI Pro licence will replace both of these options. Pricing will be $9.99 per user/month and there will be a free version too (Power BI) which will, of course, have a lighter set of features. This link has a table of the features: http://bit.ly/1tPRiGA.

In the interim, pricing is reduced for the two existing plans from 9th February 2015 with the Add-on down from $20 to $9.99 and the standalone plan down from $40 to $17.99, all detailed on this page: http://bit.ly/1yZGotv.

And what about existing customers? From a features perspective, all customers will transition to the new user experience as soon as it’s available. In terms of the licensing, customers who licensed Power BI through MOSP will apparently receive a message through their admin console explaining how their account will be impacted with the lower price. For EA customers, they will transition to the new SKU and new price at anniversary. These details are all at this page: http://bit.ly/16fXTQh.

Overview of the Changes to the February 2014 Volume Licensing Product List

Power BI for Office 365 USLs

  • Power BI makes its long-awaited debut and it’s now available as a co-terminous subscription through all the Volume Licensing programs except poor old Select Plus which doesn’t offer any Online Services. More interestingly perhaps, a Power BI USL also gives access to SQL Server 2012 Standard and Business Intelligence editions as an alternative to a SQL 2012 CAL – see pages 36/37 of the January 2014 PUR

Office 365 Add-on USLs through Open

  • The Open Value Offer has now morphed into the Office 365 Add-ons where customers who have made an enterprise-wide commitment can add Office 365 services at a reduced price. Pages 105/106 show a very useful table where you can see the qualifying agreements (Open Value Company Wide or OVS), the Qualifying Licences (Core CAL Suite/Enterprise CAL Suite/Office Professional Plus 2013), the available Add-ons (E1, E3, Midsize Business) and the combinations thereof that are allowed

Server and Cloud Enrolment

  • You may know that customers purchasing eligible products under ECI or EAP received double points towards Planning Services and it’s confirmed on page 67 that this does NOT apply to SCE, and products will receive exactly the same points allocations as other programs

System Center Advisor

  • As of January 2013 System Center Advisor became a free service where SA was no longer required for customers wanting to use it – this is the month that it’s removed from the SA section of the Product List. See the original announcement here:  http://bit.ly/1j1xGWQ

CRM Online USLs for SA

  • The USLs available for CRM Online for customers who have CRM 2013 CALs with SA aren’t new, but there’s a good table added on page 153 showing the Qualifying CALs and what USLs for SA are available