Project for the web

Microsoft announce the availability of “the new Project” or “Project for the web”, the most recent offering for cloud-based work and project management. A brand new Project Plan 1 will be available at $10 per user per month to manage projects through a browser, with Project Plan 3 ($30 per user per month) and Project Plan 5 ($55 per user per month) available with access to additional functionality and the choice of managing projects with the desktop client. Note that these plans are renamed from Project Online Professional and Project Online Premium respectively, and continue to give access to Project Online, as well as Project for the web.

If this all sounds a trifle confusing, then check out this introductory article “What is Project for the web” (, this comparison article “Project for the web and Project Online” ( and the Microsoft Project Service Description (

The announcement article ( confirms that Project Plan 1 is available for purchase online starting 29 October, 2019 in the US and select international markets, with availability in other international markets from mid-November with the exception of France and South Korea.

All Change for Project Online

There are three new plans for Project Online which replace the previous Project Lite, Project Pro for Office 365, Project Online, and Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365. It wasn’t particularly easy choosing the right plan for the right person with these names, and the new plans are much more straightforward: Essentials, Professional and Premium.

Who are they aimed at? Well, Essentials is for project team members, Professional for Project Managers and Premium is for Portfolio Managers. All of them are User Subscription Licences, as you’d expect, and all allow access to an on-premises Project Server if required. This site ( shows the difference in rights between the plans and confirms that Project Professional can be installed on up to 5 PCs with the Professional and Premium plans.

The August 2016 Product Terms document is updated with these new plans (page 61) where you’ll see that there are From SA USLs available for customers who have fully paid licences with active SA and want to move to a user licensing model. What’s new though, is a range of Add-on USLs for organisations that have Project Standard, Project Professional or Project Server licences with active SA and want to add on cloud services. Turn to page 62 for a list of the Add-ons that are available.

Project 2016 Availability Announced

Microsoft announce availability of Project 2016 (30 Sept 2015).

What exactly is “Project 2016” though? Well, this Microsoft article ( explains that there are updates to Project Professional (the traditional device-licensed client), Project Pro for Office 365 (its user-licensed counterpart) and Project Online (the hosted Enterprise Project Management solution), but that we’ll have to wait for equivalent features for on-premises EPM with the launch of Project Server 2016 in the spring of 2016.

The article is worth a look to get an idea of the sort of features being added.