Dynamics 365 Licensing Guides

The Dynamics team do a great job of keeping their Licensing Guides up-to-date. Read on for the news about the changes and additions over the last few months.

November 2023 Licensing Guide

  • Removal of the 1-year licences for the Fraud Protection offerings

December 2023 Licensing Guide

  • The Field Service User SL now includes access to Dynamics 365 Guides and Remote Assist
  • The Field Service Contractor User SL is added to page 16, and you can find out more on our blog: https://bit.ly/4biwD4L

January 2024 Licensing Guide

  • The Finance Premium User SL is added to pages 18 and 19, and you can find out more on our blog: https://bit.ly/4birM3Q
  • The Operations Database capacity that is accrued for each individual Finance, Supply Chain Management, Commerce and Project Operations User SL is increased from 1.5 GB to 4 GB – see page 38
  • There’s a new option to purchase Dataverse / Operations Additional Database Capacity in increments of 1 TB – see page 40
  • Power Virtual Agents is replaced throughout by Copilot Studio, and you can find out more on our blog: https://bit.ly/3Uie6zq