Windows Embedded SA now includes VDA Rights

There have been recent changes in the licensing of the Windows Embedded products which bring them much closer to the licensing of “regular” Windows. One of the changes is the increase in SA benefits and if you have SA on a device running Windows 8.1 Industry Enterprise then you now get VDA rights, which means that you no longer need to purchase VDA licences for those devices to access a VDI desktop. There’s an interesting Microsoft article if you want to read more:

Microsoft Webcast on Windows Embedded and its Licensing

Are you, like I was, completely out-of-date on your Windows Embedded licensing knowledge? It became available through VL programs on 1st July 2013 and if you’re not up to speed yet, this Microsoft webcast is half an hour well spent. Use it to find out about: Functionality – Embedded is now full Windows with EXTRA industry functionality (anyone else’s jaw drop?!); VL rules – similar to full Windows with upgrade licences requiring a qualifying OS, and adding SA within 90 days; SKUs/availability – useful slides show a SKU description, and channel and VL program availability.