Teams Essentials and Teams Phone bundle offers

Microsoft announce promotional pricing for Teams Essentials and Teams Phone bundles for customers in the US, Canada, and the UK. Organisations can choose Teams Essentials with just Teams Phone Standard, or with a Domestic or International Calling Plan, or PAYG calling. Equally, customers could choose to add these Teams Phone options on to their existing Teams Essentials licences at a promotional price. Find the announcement here:, and details of the promotional offers here:

Power Apps promotions

There’s promotional pricing available for Power Apps from 1 December, 2020 to 30 June, 2021.

Customers can acquire Power Apps per App licences for $3 per user per month with a minimum purchase of 200 licences through an EA or through CSP, and Power Apps per User licences for $12 per user per month with a minimum purchase of 5,000 licences through an EA only.

See page 110 of the December 2020 Product Terms document and a footnote on the Power Apps pricing page here:

Microsoft Teams promotional offers

Microsoft announce two new promotional offers for Microsoft Teams, currently available for EA customers with existing paid-for Teams licences.

The first offer is free Audio Conferencing licences until the end of the enrolment, and the second is a 35% discount on the new Advanced Communications offering. Both offers are available until 31 January, 2021.

There will be corresponding offers available through CSP and Web Direct later in the year.

Find the announcement here:

Priority notifications for Teams promotion extended

Priority notifications for Teams grants users the ability to continually send notifications that repeat every two minutes for up to 20 minutes on all messages marked as urgent. Originally, priority notifications were available as a promotion to all Teams users until 1 April 2020, but this has been extended until the second half of 2020 to enable all users to connect urgently with their colleagues during the coronavirus pandemic.

Find the announcement here:, and learn how to use priority notifications here: