Changes to Teams Rooms licensing

Microsoft update the licensing for Teams Rooms from 1 September, 2022. Previously there were Teams Rooms Standard and Teams Rooms Premium licences costing $15 and $50 per device per month respectively, with the biggest difference between the SKUs being the Microsoft managed services element.

Now there’s a choice of Teams Rooms Basic or Teams Rooms Pro. Teams Rooms Basic is a free SKU, with a basic set of features, which customers can use for up to 25 devices. Teams Rooms Pro is $40 per room per month with the whole feature set including support for Teams Panels and dual screens. Note also that the Microsoft managed services element is being removed to enable partners to provide complete services around meeting room management, supported by AI services.

For more details, and links to further information, this Microsoft blog post is a great place to start: If you want a summary of the latest Teams Rooms hardware innovation, then this is a useful page:, and there’s a note at the bottom indicating that there’ll be a further Teams Shared Device licence in a few months to cover certain use cases on Teams Displays and Teams Panels.