Microsoft 365 Enterprise Licensing Guide

There’s a new (February 2024) Microsoft 365 Enterprise Licensing Guide which we’ve added to our amazing emporium of Licensing Guides ( It looks like this document has been updated for the changes to From SA licences from 1 February, 2024 (see our blog here: but really truly a poor job has been done with too many errors and chunks of out-of-date information.

For those who like a complete set of Microsoft’s documentation, find this guide here:

Changes to From SA licences

Microsoft announce changes to the availability of From SA licences. These licences debuted in the August 2014 Product List and were a cost-effective way for a customer with users licensed with traditional desktop licences with SA to move to the cloud, with, for example, an Office 365 E3 From SA User SL costing less than a full Office 365 E3 User SL.

The changes don’t affect customers who have bought From SA licences – they’ll be able to continue to renew these licences, but from 1 February, 2024 no new licences may be purchased, either by existing or new From SA customer.

Now, as users are moved to cloud licences, full User SLs must be purchased for them. There is a concession that remains: each user who used a device licensed with SA for Windows, Core/Enterprise CAL Suite and Office Professional Plus before being assigned a Microsoft 365 E3/E5 User SL may continue to install a local copy of Office Professional Plus.

Find the adjusted Product Terms text here:, and Microsoft’s announcement here: