Updated Azure Calculator

Microsoft launched Azure Reserved Instances in November 2017 giving customers a more cost-effective way of buying Azure base instance virtual machines. The Azure Calculator has been updated to show relative pricing between the regular pay-as-you-go option for virtual machines and 1-year or 3-year Reserved Instances.

Find the Azure Calculator here: http://bit.ly/AzurePricingCalculator.

Deprecation of Azure Cost Estimator

The Azure Cost Estimator is now deprecated (http://bit.ly/AzureCostEstimator).

What are your alternatives to get estimated pricing for Azure? The public Azure Pricing Calculator (http://bit.ly/AzurePricingCalculator) is a good option or, if you’re a Microsoft partner, then you can request access to the Azure Channel Calculator (http://bit.ly/AzureChannelCalculator).